The Six: NFC Playoff Teams

Yesterday we ranked all of the AFC playoff teams. Today we rank the NFC.

large-76. Green Bay Packers

After 6 weeks the Green Bay Packers looked good. They looked real good. Since then they haven’t impressed anyone. Other than a win in Minnesota in week 11, they haven’t beat anyone of importance since their wins over Seattle and Arizona came in the first few weeks of the season. Their running game is mediocre, their defense is middle of the pack, and even now they have one of the best QB”s in the game, his receivers can’t get open. Their number 1 receiver (Jordy Nelson) has been out since preseason. Long story short, I don;t see them getting past Washington, let alone winning the NFC.


large-105.Minnesote Vikings

I have Minnesota at 5, but I also have them as the most suppressing team of the playoffs. The Minnesota Vikings have a great D, they have the best versatile running back in the game, and they have the advantage of being at home in the cold. the frigid cold.  So we may see an upset. Thats where their positives end. I still am not sure about Teddy Bridgewater, or the receivers he has to throw to. And as great as Peterson is, he is 31 and has a lot a miles on him. All that and they are playing the red hot defending NFC champs. It is going to be hard to come out of today’s game with a win.

4.Washington Professional Football Team

Washington looks good, and I am starting to think Kirk Cousins is for real. They also have advantage of playing a Packers team at home to move to the next round. That being said, their division was the second worst in football behind only the sorry AFC South, and the wins Washington was able to muster are not all too impressive.

Carolina_Panthers_logo.svg3.Carolina Panthers

Carolina has a bye and is the number 1 seed. they went 15 and 1 and were mighty close to having a perfect season. That being said its hard to give them the top spot, or even the two spot right now. I would argue they look better than any of the teams in the AFC right now, but their 15 wins aren’t impressive as it sounds when you see who they beat. By far the most impressive win was against Seattle in week 6. Cam Newton is without a doubt the leagues MVP, and the defense is good, but not even the top 5 and Ted Ginn Jr is not a  #1 receiver I would want going into the playoffs.

large-62. Seattle Seahawks

Seattles is red hot, and if the season was a couple games longer, Russell Wilson is playing at a ridiculous level right now. Seattle is the sixth seed but they are also the defending NFC champs, so you have to give them respect. Things working against Seattle, it would take a hell of a team to make it to three Superbowls in a row, and I don’t think Seattle is that team. They also don’t have Marshawn Lynch in at least this first playoff game, and they lost Jimmy Graham a  month ago. Finally the Seattle secondary, which is still a great secondary, does have holes and can be vulnerable. Seattle is healthy, which is more than a lot of NFL teams can say, still I think too many people are reading into their impressive win against Arizona in week 17.

large-81. Arizona Cardinals

Like Kansas City,  Arizona had a chance to go into the playoffs on a 10 game winning streak. That is until their week 17 stomping against Seattle. But I wouldn’t read too much into that. It was the last week in the season and Arizona did’t benefit that much with a win in that game. Some will say Palmer has never won a playoff game, but he has  one of his most consistent seasons, and he has a solid running game and a Larry Fitzgerald that looks like the Larry of old. Intact Arizona is #2 overall in passing, and 6th in runnings, and first in overall offense. Their defense isn’t bad either, ranking fifth overall in ypg. It is a long post-season, and anything can happen as we saw yesterday, but i choose Arizona and the number team in the NFC and the team with the best shot overall of winning the super bowl.

Author: Johnny

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