Hexaudia #13 & Hexaudia Shorts #5: Trump’s Muslim Ban & The Syrian Civil War

Politics is a hot topic today. In fact, hardly anything isn’t political. Need proof of that, just listen to all the talk about the Super Bowl. Even the commercials were being seen through a political lens. But considering this hyper partisan state we are now in as a country, I think it is important to lee in mind why politics is important. Novel thought here, but our politics actually effect the lives of real people. Of course we know this, but exactly how can shape your politics. They can change your mind your mind solidify your convictions. Here is a great story of how one Syrian-American and his family is being effected by this Muslim ban and  Trump’s presidency.  And in case you want some background information on the Syrian Cicil War,  we did a short pod that will get you all caught up.



1. Thoughts on the Mulsim Ban (1:06)

2. Growing up in the Middle east (4:21)

3.  Sami & the Muslim Ban (10:32)

* Intermission* (15:56)

4. Being a Muslim in Today’s America (17:26)

5. Getting A Green Carrd (22:10)

6. Refugees (29:50)



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Author: Johnny

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